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Spruce Pine - 50 Trees

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Size 1-2'

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Spruce Pines are hardy in zones four through eight.

Spruce Pines grow into trees that produce seed cones. Trees located further south sprout cones from February to early March. The cones appear later in March when the tree is located further north.

Bloom Color

These trees produce brown cones. The flowers that develop are yellow.

Hardy Planting Zone

Our seedlings do best in USDA growing zones four through eight.

Spruce Pine thrives in various types of soil.

Height at Maturity

These trees achieve a mature height of 30 to 60 feet. The spread of this tree can get to 25 to 40 feet wide.

Soil Type Preferred

Spruce Pines can thrive in a variety of soil types. These include clay, loam, or sand. They can tolerate well-drained soil and soil in areas with extended flooding. Our seedlings can thrive in soil that ranges from acidic to slightly alkaline.

Sun or Shade

Spruce Pinescan grow in several different light environments. That includes partial shade or sun or in a complete sun environment.

Plant Description

These trees require little pruning, making them ideal when looking for a low-maintenance tree. They thrive in various light and soil environments, making them ideal for areas with diverse plant life.

While this tree prefers an environment with limited grass, it can grow in places where the grass is present.

These trees are resistant to diseases and pests. The trunk and branches are not showy, and the branches do not tend to droop. They are resistant to breakage even when there is significant weather.

This tree’s fruit is one to three inches long and has a cone shape. The fruit of this tree will attract a variety of mammals, such as squirrels, bringing wildlife to the area.

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