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Silky Dogwood - 50 Shrubs

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Size 1-2'

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Silky Dogwood

Silky Dogwood is a medium-sized shrub flourishing in moist lowlands, like swamp and pond borders. It comprises various twigs and leaves with silky hair on their undersides. It produces tiny white to yellow flowers with a flat-topped cluster. These will bloom in the late spring to early summer months.

This plant goes by various names in the horticulture world. These include Cornus Amomum, Red Willow, Silky Cornel, Kinnikinnik, Indigo Dogwood, and Squawbush. This plant will reach a mature height of six to eight feet and a spread of six to nine feet. It has a moderate to fast growth rate.

Silky Dogwood is a native shrub

Native to the easternmost regions of the United States and Canada, this deciduous shrub features a distinctive red bark. It has relatively narrow-shaped leaves that reach a total length of between three and five inches. These leaves start warmly green in the spring, eventually transitioning to a purple-to-reddish hue as autumn sets in.

This hardy plant will produce abundant fruit in the late summer and is popularly used for erosion control. This fruit is comprised of blue to white colored berries that form in clusters. Each fruit will be one-quarter of an inch and three inches in diameter. These berries attract a variety of wildlife, including woodpeckers, pheasants, turkeys, and various other waterfowl.

This plant will tolerate various soil types, making it the perfect addition to various types of gardens. This upright, rounded shrub is long-living and can be trimmed to any size you want. It isn't prone to any severe disease or insect-related issues. The Silky Dogwood will bring color to your garden throughout the spring to late fall months. With its dark reddish twigs, you'll love how it stands out from the other green foliage around it.

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