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Pecan - 50 Trees

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Size 1-2'

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Pecan Tree

The pecan tree is widely grown in North America. It is the Texas state tree. It is considered a family species of Walnut and Hickory trees. There are more than 500 different types of it, so the height of the tree can vary from 70 to 150 ft. high when it is mature, which can take up to 10 years, and will begin producing nuts when it reaches 10 to 20 years of age and has a life span up to or can exceed 1000 years.

The Pecan Tree Growth and Climate

The tree needs a more extended, warmer climate to grow, so it is trendy in the southern states like Texas, Florida, and Arizona and countries Like Mexico. Also, the tree requires 5 gallons of water every week until it is fully grown. The fruit of the tree, which is the nut is so delicious and rich in protein and omega 6-fatty acid. It is widely used in cooking, especially desserts like the famous pie, cinnamon swirl pie, and much more.

Soil and Hardy Planting Zones For The Pecan Tree

However, you may put discretion upon serving food with pecan since various people are highly allergic to nuts. SCIENTIFIC name: Carya Illinoinensis USDA climate zone: 5 through 9 Tree height: 70- 150 ft. Tree spread: 40- 79 ft. Soil type: alluvial and upland Sun: Full sun This tree is excellent for providing shade for your yard. However, due to its large size, please keep it away from any power lines for safety.