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Sweet Bay Magnolia - 50 Shrubs

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Size 1-2'

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Sweet Bay Magnolia

The Sweet Bay Magnolia tree is a gardener's favorite with its sweet, creamy blooms and fresh lemony scent. This tree is known scientifically as the Magnolia Virginiana and takes on a unique columnar shape. When fully grown, this tree can reach a width and height of up to 20 feet. It's considered a medium to fast grower and will thrive in different types of soils and locations.

Sweet Bay Magnolia Trees Have Highly Fragrant Blooms

This shade tree will bloom with a dense variety of leaves mixed with stunning white bursts in the late spring to early summer months. The Sweet Bay Magnolia tree is known to be pest-resistant, making it the ideal choice for a showpiece or ornamental tree. It sports glossy leaves with a green top and silver-hued underside.

In the spring months, you can expect to see its creamy white blooms shine through this tree's dense green foliage. They will take on a cup-like appearance and slowly start to curl back. Eventually, the petals will lie flat against the leaves of this tree and let its attractive center be exposed to bees and butterflies.

In the late fall months, this tree produces scarlet red seeds at the tips of its branches. These seed clusters attract abundant wildlife, including squirrels, songbirds, waterfowl, and other birds. In the country's northern regions, this tree is considered deciduous. However, in the southern regions, it's an evergreen.

Sweet Bay Magnolias Unique Features

One unique feature of the Sweet Bay Magnolia tree orMagnolia Tree is that its flowers only accentuate the tree's denser green foliage. As it blows in the wind, you'll see pops of creamy white shine through, and the silver tint of the underside of its leaves shimmer. This tree can grow well on its own or in a grove environment.

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