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Fern Moss - 25 Square Feet

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Customer Reviews

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David Cantor

Great product. Works well in terrariums.

Fern moss

Received in great shape, pleased with unique product .

Rebecca Richards
Fern Moss 5 sq ft.

It is so lovely seeing this mini fernlike mosses. I have this installed in my rock garden and very satisfied so far.

Freddie Roberts
Ground Fern Moss

wonderful addition around the water garden

Fern Moss is a Prehistoric-like Plant that Can Survive in Many Places Where Other Plants Can't

Fern Moss clings to dead trees, old cement statues and sidewalks, and the ground, which is how it got its name. Although its height is less than an inch, it makes up for the difference by spreading out quickly.

Ground Fern Moss has to have plenty of water to survive.

It loves places that stay drenched from the rain and the splash-over from streams and rivers. So, although it can get started anywhere from the North to the southernmost part of the United States, it only lives for a short time if a summer drought sets in. The soil requirements for this plant are very easy to grow.

All a gardener must do is find a clump of the stuff growing. Then, they must break it into pieces in a kitchen blender containing two cups of buttermilk. Once the it is blended, it must be poured wherever the gardener wants it to grow. It is a great plant.

Ground Fern Moss is a Thick, Clumpy Flowerless Plant

It is a flowerless plant that grows in thick clumps in shady and moist areas. It has no seeds or flowers but makes a great addition to a dark portion of a garden where you would like some soft greenery to walk on. It's incredibly soft to the touch under your feet and creates beautiful sections of green on the grounds of trees and rocks. It is typically used for decorative purposes around flowers and trees but can also be used for peat.

It Helps Create a Significant Amount of Carbon Dioxide Needed for the Planet

Many people must learn that these plants create significant carbon dioxide needed for the planet, even though they do not like a flower. It doesn't have most plants' traditional roots; they hold themselves down using threadlike rhizoids. This plant is attractive and can thrive in many places: on the ground, in tree trunks, in rocks, and on branches. It can even be found on the cement in cities sometimes — many plant growers worldwide associate it with providing peacefulness, stillness, and calm.

It is sometimes used as a lawn in the cloudy, damp Pacific Northwest. It covers areas with green at an even height, requires no mowing, less water than traditional grass, and mostly maintains itself. In the late 19th century, it was in style, and a trend to grow extensive types collections on wood slats consistently watered. Whether looking for a plant you can walk and lounge on, something to cover a cement wall, building a Zen garden, or whatever you desire, it adds a lovely bright green shade that requires very little assistance.

Fern Moss is a Hardy Evergreen

It is hardy. It is an evergreen plant known for its ability to grow on just about anything. It grows slowly but will grow on most things, including rock, wood, metal, and anything else. It needs to be shaded in moist areas to grow efficiently. This plant has signature stalks that rise from the base layer of the plant and have small leaves coming off of them. It is relatively low maintenance and may only need a dash of water during a drought. It is a hardy plant that loves and thrives in full sun but easily adapts.

Buy this stunning plant that can double its size in less than one year.

This plant can double its size in the right growing conditions, soil type, sunlight, and zone in less than one year. Anything that this is planted near will take its look; instead, it is a log, rock, or path that can grow over it and cover it. Over time, as the ground cover matures, it can be broken apart and planted elsewhere. It is a natural transplant.

It is a native plant found everywhere in the US except for Antarctica. This plant is thick, dense, and has small stalks home to many leaves. This plant grows well around walkways, paths, rocks, and driveways. It also grows in rock gardens around water gardens, ponds, or shady flower beds. This plant can withstand harsh winters and is easily adaptable. Ground fern moss is used when you need something growing fast because it can cover an area quickly.

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