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Wild Blackberry - 50 Shrubs

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Size 1-2'

Customer Reviews

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I ordered these plants off season and had to wait what I thought was a unreasonable amount of time. 6 weeks ish. However when they did show up however dormant appear to be very large bare root plants and more than I was expecting, I may have a different opinion after this next spring but I have special ordered 40 more of the larger plants. , This variety will be head to head with Kiowa, prime ark 45, Prime ark freedom , Ouatichita, and a large planting of Ponca, Maybe revise this 5 star rating later.

black berry bushes

They arrived in perfect condition. Thank you so much

Larry Alfred
Native Blackberry

This is a wonderful addition to my flower garden. Looks great where I planted it.

Reba Thomas
Chickasaw Blackberry

The blooms on this is just awesome.

Patti Harrison
Native Blackberry

These worked out well planting them with the other wild berries.

Wild Blackberry Bush Hardy Planting Zone

Grown in zones 4-10 Bloom Season (if any) - Late spring and early summer Bloom Color - White or pale pink Height at Maturity - Grows to 3-6 meters tall Soil Type Preferred - Sandy and acidic soils Sun or Shade - Requires full sun. Plant Description - The wild blackberry bush is a perennial that grows the best in hardiness zones 4-10. The tall, arching branches are covered in thorns and grow 3-6 meters tall.

A trellis is recommended to support the branches, which will assist the plant in growing more robust and producing more fruit. The bush branches die back yearly after the summer growing season, and new stems grow to replace them. Pruning the dead branches yearly will give the new growth room to spread and prevent the plant from appearing messy and overgrown.

Wild Blackberry Bush Blooms in Early Summer

Wild blackberry bush bloom in the late springtime and early in summer, with white and pale pink petals measuring about 2-3 centimeters in diameter.


The plant requires sandy soil and drains well with an acidic PH value. Soil amendments such as coffee grounds and peat moss can be added to help make the soil more acidic for the wild blackberry bush. It prefers full sun to grow properly and produce the most blackberries.

Blackberry Shrub Care


Mulching around the plants is vital to prevent weed growth and moisten the soil. This bush must receive about an inch of water a week and requires more when temperatures are hotter. Once the plant produces berries, they will need to be picked as often as every other day to prevent spoiling. To harvest the blackberries, pick them only when they are black and plump, as the berries will not ripen once picked.