Stinging Nestles

Everyone knows that itchy plants come in poison ivy or oak, but other plants are known to irritate human skin. Stinging Nestles is a plant that does not come to mind like poison ivy or oak does, but it causes worse irrational and could lead to death for those who are allergic. If you are suffering from plant itch from Stinging Nestles, use calamine lotion or aloe Vera gel to alleviate irritation. Stinging Nestles may be in your yard or garden without knowing, so it is best to recognize what they look like. Stinging Nestles is part of the weed family and can grow around 3-4 high. They are known for the prickly hairs on stems and leaves' undersides. Stinging Nestles is primarily recognizable by the jagged formation on the ends of leaves. If human skin rubs against the stems, they can cause a burning and itching sensation as if a swarm of yellow jackets had attacked someone. This plant may cause anaphylactic shock for those who are allergic and could lead to death. You or a family member could be allergic to this plant if you have never encountered it. If you are gardening or have children and pets who like to play outside, these plants should be gotten rid of quickly. If you spot this plant in your yard or general area, then treat this plant as you would any other weed and pull them up by the root. Always wear gloves, long-sleeved shirts, and pants when getting rid of Stinging Nestles. You can also wear a hat or goggles to be on the safe side. Cut away any leaves, then dig up the root area. As with any weed, kill the root so it will not grow back. Spray some herbicide on the dug-up area to be on the safe side. Do not use these leftover trimmings in any compost pile. Escort all trimmings to a garbage area and do not burn since the particles could get into the air and cause internal problems if you breathe them in. Just as with poison ivy, you may want to get rid of clothes if your attire comes in contact with nettle leaves. Washing the clothes in the laundry may cause any residue to spread to your clothes, causing more irritation on your skin. Stinging nettles are far worse than poison ivy, so it is best to throw away any clothes around this itchy plant.