Moss Enhances Your Gardens

Moss Enhances Your Gardens

When spring is in the air, gardens come out everywhere. Flower gardens, rose gardens, food gardens, herb gardens, and all kinds of gardening. And right after that, the air starts to fill with a fragrance that makes you glad you have a smaller. But those people who don't are just as beautiful to look at too. And it makes you understand why gardeners keep expanding their borders and adding another garden or two every year.

As with all things, gardens reach a point when your annuals and perennials are thriving. And the size and shape of the gardens have reached their borders. Still, you want or need something else. What? Moss, that's what.

Adding green moss to your gardens adds depth and dimension to your plants, making them stand out more, like adding a backdrop to your portraits. It makes looking at them more accessible.

Moss is organic. It grows on itself. You can use it on your edging; You can build a rock garden with all kinds of moss. Go ahead and put a waterfall in it. The moss will make it look more natural and like it belongs there. Use it as a ground covering in flower beds too.

There are different kinds of mosses too. They include different shades of green. And you can grow some on rocks that you can move around till you find just the right place where the moss will be. It is most enhancing, bringing out all the different colors in the flower petals and adding dimension to the greeneries you have throughout your beds.