Black Rot On Vegetables

Black rot is a mold formed on the surface of ground vegetables. It can be disheartening to see the gardens you spent a great deal of time nurturing only to succumb to black rot. The primary plants that can be affected are vegetable gardens, grapevines, and apple trees, but black rot can form most plants. There are ways to prevent black rot using natural substances that will not harm plants, humans, and domestic animals. Black rot can infect leaves, fruits, and vegetables and will usually begin with black or brown spots until overtaking the plant in the form of a soft, black surface. Black rot can infect any plant, regardless of its age.

Black rot itself can be found in humid climates, especially places that are prone to excessive rain. A combination of humidity, heat, and moisture are all breeding grounds for bacteria which can lead to black rot. Insects can also spread bacteria to your plants, so ensure your garden is protected with the necessary pesticides. You can use organic pesticides if you do not want synthetic substances. You want to remove any source that contains bacteria. Be sure to clean any gardening tools like pruning shears to prevent the spread of bacteria. Keep any gardening blades or other gardening blades clean as well. Keep weeds out of your garden, which can also spread bacteria.

You can use hard mulch like wood chips to keep weeds away from your gardening area. Once your garden area is protected, pull weeds and kill weed infestation at the root level by digging them up or using herbicides. If you find yourself with black rot, throw any plant away that is infected. Unfortunately, a plant infected with black rot is not salvageable. Hopefully, removing any plant with black rot will contain the infection. You can take other measures such as placing seeds in hot water to kill bacteria. You can also use potassium bicarbonate to prevent the spread of black rot. Potassium bicarbonate can be found in any grocery store in the vitamin supplement section. It is an excellent natural fungicide to prevent mold from spreading in your garden. Other fungicides that will kill black rot are garlic and corn oil. These are excellent substances to spray on your plants since they are natural and not harmful to any other life form.