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Japanese Maple (Green) - 50 Trees

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Size 1-2'

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Japanese Maple Trees

Japanese maple trees are among the most popular ornamental trees in the world. These small to medium-sized trees have various leaf shapes, colors, and textures. They grow well in containers or a landscape setting and can be used as specimen plants or as part of a mixed border.

They are hardy in USDA zones 5 through 8, depending on the variety; however, wide varieties of the trees have different growth habits and needs. The trees native to Japan can only be grown outside in areas where temperatures do not drop below 10 degrees Fahrenheit for long periods. Other trees can be overwintered indoors or kept indoors during winter if correctly acclimated before being brought inside.

The scientific name for the trees is Acer palmatum or A. japonicum, depending on your tree type. They were named so because their leaves resemble their relative Acer platanoides.

Japanese Maple Trees Are Easy To Love

They're beautiful, versatile, and can be grown in various settings. If you want your tree to thrive, you must know what will make it happy and what to avoid.

They prefer partial shade and moist soil. They will tolerate full sun but may require more water during summer. This is especially true if your tree has been moved from an area with partial shade to full sun. If you're growing your tree in full sun, consider watering it once a week during the hot summer months when there's no rain forecast for at least the next seven days.

The Japanese Maple Trees Lovely Appearance

The Japanese maple tree comes in wide varieties, with different-shaped leaves and variegated foliage. It has leaves that grow on opposite sides of branches, so they're often called palm-shaped leaves because they resemble human hands when they're held out flat.

The colors range from green to yellow to red or purple, depending on the variety you choose. Some varieties even have variegated foliage where some parts of each leaf are green while others are gold or brownish-red tones instead.