The Infamous Eastern Cedar Tree

The Infamous Eastern Cedar Tree

Known as Juniperus Virginiana, the eastern cedar will reach 40–50 feet in tall in maturity and get as wide as 20 feet. The Eastern cedar tree is an evergreen that grows in dense, spreading colonies of trees connected by an intermingling
ground-level root system.

How Do You Take Care Of Eastern Cedar Trees

Eastern cedars grow rapidly and thus must be trimmed regularly to ensure they stay narrow enough and tall. It is possible to train an Eastern Cedar into a hedge if desired, but this will take several years and require regular pruning during those years.

How Much Sunlight Can An Eastern Cedar Take?

Eastern cedars can tolerate shade quite well; however, they will grow faster in full-sun conditions than under partial shade.

Do Eastern Cedar Trees Back Up Every Year?

It is usual for Eastern cedar trees to back up each year. The process occurs when internal tissue dies off in winter due to cold weather conditions or lack of moisture in the soil surrounding roots. This causes branches on one side of a tree to die back while other branches remain alive on opposite sides of the trunk or main stem of the tree.

What Does An Eastern Cedar Tree Look Like?

The Eastern Red Cedar has reddish-brown bark and dark green needles. The needles are arranged spirally around the branchlets and are about 1/2 inch long.

Where Do Eastern Cedar Trees Grow?

Eastern Red Cedars grow best in well-drained soil in full sun to partial shade. They can be found growing in USDA hardiness zones 2 through 9.

What Are The Environments In Which Eastern Cedar Trees Grow?

Eastern Red Cedars grow along streams, lakes, swamps, and lowlands in the eastern. North America, as well as in central Canada and northern New England.

Are Eastern Cedar Trees Toxic?

When used correctly, Eastern Red Cedars are not toxic to people or pets.

How Do You Grow An Eastern Cedar Tree?

Dig a hole twice more expansive than the root ball and just as deep. Remove any rocks or debris from the hole, then place the tree in the hole and spread the roots evenly around it. Use your hands to tamp down loose soil around the base of the tree’s trunk after planting it. Fill in around the tree
with additional soil and water thoroughly.

How Do You Care For An Eastern Cedar Tree?

If you have an Eastern Cedar tree growing in your yard, make sure you do not overwater it or let it gets too dry, and this can lead to disease problems.


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